Natty's Policy

Thank you so much for booking with HON!


Please note that you cannot book for someone else. Each appointment must be booked for each individual, therefore each individual should have read the following HON policies.

Disclaimer- Unless you have been assigned to a nail tech by Natty or Pierina, the tech that is assigned by the calendar might not be the tech that sees you that day.

-A $15 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required in order to secure your appointment and will be issued towards your total.

-If you cannot make it to your appointment, please notify HON at least 24 hours in advance so that your deposit can be credited towards your next service. We can only hold this credit for 30 days. After 30 days you may not use the $15 credit towards any future services. This is NOT applicable to same day cancellation. Same day cancellations will be charged the $15 fee, no refunds, no credits.
-If you do not show up for your appointment with no prior notice you will get charged 50% of the cost of the appointments booked. We will also keep your $15 deposit. You will be warned that your next no-show appointment will result in you being banned from the salon.
Courtesy Rules:
1. No food or eating inside of the salon.

2. If you need to speak on the phone we ask that you keep it short and at a low tone.
Most of our clients really love their quite time at HON =)

3. A strict late fee of $5 will be added anytime after 15 minutes late, no exceptions. This ensures that clients respect the time of fellow clients and our HON techs.

4. If you are more than 15 minutes late with no prior notice, your appointment may be cancelled.

-Please notice that the base and color of the polish stays tacky. Be careful to not get lint on your nails when moving your hands. Lint on nails results in us having to wipe the fingernail, thus fading the color. We cannot guarantee an even shade of color on all 10 nails if you get lint on your nails.

-Please make sure to view the shape, color, and design, every step of the way prior to entering the LED light. Once inside the LED light, if any changes have to be made, you will be charged a $5 fee. No exceptions.


-Please don’t forget to book if you need designs, as we cannot guarantee that we will have time to do the design required if you do not add the appropriate design time when booking. Failure to pick a time will possibly result in not being able to obtain the desired design.

-Please do not forget to book if you need any soak offs as well.

Our workers are serving you as best as they can, so we expect that you return the favor. Please tip our girls for the service they have provided you, it’s only fair! We value our clients and take our time with every service.

We have an understanding that this one on one time with your technician is considered an exchange of energy. We will greet you and service you with good energy. Please respect us enough to exchange your good energy with us. We are willing to listen and do as you say. All we ask is that you show us your appreciation by communicating nicely with us. Rude and loud clients will be banned from the salon.

Use this chart as a suggestion to gauge what tip you should leave your HON tech for the service she provided. This suggested minimum tip is based on a 20-30% calculation.You are more than welcome to leave more depending how much you loved your techs work.

Please tip accordingly for your spa pedis as they aren't the same as a regular pedicure. The time and energy is doubled/trippled from a regular pedi.
E.g. SPA Pedi 3 alone should be at least $12
We do not take TIPS on credit cards.
Please note that you will be charged a 4% surcharge fee if you use a credit or debit card. To avoid this fee, please pay the remainder of your balance in cash.

We want to make sure that all of our clients and HON techs are safe and healthy. Our priority is to always be loyal to our clients, as well as to follow the health and safety protocols of the NYC CDC guidelines.

-All clients MUST be wearing a facial covering in order to enter the salon. We have the right to refuse you if you cannot wear a mask for any medical or other various reasons. For the time being, we must insist on facial coverings and we hope to see clients who cannot wear them after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

-At the moment HON will not be offering drying stations for manicures and pedicures. Once your mani/pedi is done, you must leave the salon.

-We will not be offering dip powder color for the time being, due to the possible contamination and exposure of the fingernails and skin. We do realize that the thickness of the powder does help preserve the length of the nail, therefore we are offering SNS base for individual purchase. You are more than welcome to purchase the base to provide the powder thickness, which can be followed by gel color.

-NO plus-one’s or children waiting for clients. Only the client booked is allowed inside the salon.

-You must leave right away once your service is done.

-Please maintain a distance of 6 feet between yourself, other clients, and HON staff members.

-To ensure safety and follow protocols, we will be taking the temperatures of each client who enters the salon.

-For your safety and comfort, upon entering the salon you MUST sanitize or wash your hands at the sink or hand sanitizing stations.

-If you're not feeling well or experiencing symptoms, please let us know ahead of time. Do not come in if you are sick.


We post our clients’ nails and nail art on our instagram page, so upon booking with HON you are agreeing to your nails being posted on our social media.

We have the right to deny or cancel your appointment.
Committed to non-toxicity both inside and out.
We are closed Sunday and Monday!!!

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